What do you study in school?

I study interrelated media at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I create mixed media performances and exhibitions that combine video projection, original music, dance, and different kinds of 2D art.

What do you do at Tekuma?

I’m Tekuma’s Digital Content Lead for the summer. I manage our social media accounts, create digital content, develop marketing strategies and work on public outreach. That includes writing letters to business prospects and interviewing our represented artists, for example.

What has been the biggest challenge?

This summer, we’ve been thinking a lot about marketing. As Tekuma evolves, our goals as a company shift, and adapting to those new goals is part of my job. Because we appeal to both businesses and individual consumers, developing a marketing strategy has been tough. Identifying our goals and developing a strategy has been a completely new experience for all of us, I think.

And your favorite experience?

I love interviewing Tekuma’s artists. Getting to know them and their work has been super educational and inspiring. I also love our work culture. Marwan, Naomi and Kun do a really great job of bringing us all together.

What do you want to do after school?

I’m really interested in film scoring. This past semester, I scored a MassArt students’ thesis film. You can watch that film here, or visit my website to see more of my work!

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