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Hanging artwork is daunting. Between finding the perfect place and hammering nails into the walls, there are plenty of reasons to procrastinate. After installing hundreds of artworks, we get it. Along the way, though, we mastered the skill of curation.

Part of what we do is provide our customer with curation guidelines. We help correct existing mistakes and offer general rules for future installation. For our artists to truly shine, we want to make sure the artworks are viewed at their best.

Before you get started, make sure you have some tools. As well as a hammer, nails, and a tape measure, we recommend having sawtooth hangers and a laser level. Placing the right art in the right space is something we take pride in. Here are some simple steps to make hanging artwork easy.

Curator’s tip: work in a team! Having another set of eyes helps when curating a space. As well as having the right tools, it’s important to know the ins and outs of art placement.

We decided to talk to an expert. Lynn Bowker of DuMaine Designs, a New Orleans and Maine based interior design company, gave Tekuma a few insider tips on home decor.

“For starters, most people have a tendency to hang art too high,” she says. “It should be at mid-way eye level.”

But Lynn also stresses the importance of personalization. “The positioning of art is personal. It’s important to place your art over a piece of furniture correctly but, in many cases, there’s too much art.” In those cases, she says, techniques like salon style – floor to ceiling art placement – offer a solution.

Want some more do’s and don’ts?



In short, have the right tools handy, know the basic guidelines, and don’t fear personalization! The goal is to make your space look amazing and, while you’re at it, show off each artwork.

Need some inspiration? We asked Lynn to select a few of her favorites from our online store. Shop her curated collection below!

Lynn Bowker can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]

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