Meet Ge Wang, Tekuma’s Marketing Lead for the summer. As a Hotel Management student at Cornell, Ge studies economics, accounting, and operations. “I heard about Tekuma on a WeChat group.” Originally from Beijing, the group includes people from her high school that now live in the states. Kun Qian, the Chairman and CTO of Tekuma, is part of the group. “We went to the same high school.”

In addition to hotel management, Ge has experience in landscape architecture and real estate. As a startup that combines art, tech, and real estate, Tekuma offered the perfect place to pool her talents. “I’m interested in learning about the different industries in the real estate and design worlds. The combination of those two interests really helped me make a difference in this start up.” 

This summer, Ge has been co-managing Tekuma’s social media accounts, generating digital content, and doing customer research – all of which contribute to her marketing expertise. “My job is to let more people know about us. Because of that, I want to better understand our customer.” One of her research techniques includes interviewing interior designers, business leaders, and hotel managers to learn more about their existing industries. Currently, Ge is working on a Tekuma newsletter. “Identifying our target audience is really important.”

Her favorite part of working for Tekuma? “I really like the work culture. We’re all from different parts of the world, so we’re constantly learning about different cultures. We all work really well together.”

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