As part of our mission, Tekuma takes pride in helping emerging artists showcase their work and share their stories. Our most recent endeavors, ARTLab Back Bay and ARTLab DX by Compass, have worked to build on that vision with efficiency, creativity, and innovation. In collaboration with Compass Furnished Apartments, the ARTLab initiative has matched upwards of seventy talented artists with seventy gallery-turned apartments. The result? Exhibition space for amazing artists and beautiful apartments for happy guests. Here’s one guest review of many.

My husband and I stayed for one week in ARTLab and every night we would visit a floor to see the art in the common areas. We cannot wait to come back and stay in a new unit with new art!

As ARTLab grows, artists both local and international have been given the space to gain exposure, attract an audience, and sell their art. And that’s what we love to see!

So, in true Tekuma fashion, we’ve decided to get a little creative. In an effort to mobilize and democratize the art industry, we introduce…drum-roll please…ARTLab AiR: a uniquely-Tekuma Artist in Residency in collaboration with Compass Furnished Apartments.

With the generosity of Compass, we’ve transformed the first floor of ARTLab DX into a micro gallery space. Located in lively Downtown Crossing, the property is open to Compass guests as well as the public, providing the perfect opportunity for artists to display their work, engage audiences and, of course, sell their art.

Artists displayed in ARTLab are invited to host the gallery space for the span of one month, where their art will be on display for sale. On the first day of the exhibition, the street-visible gallery is made available as a temporary studio space, where the shown artist can make their work and talk to visitors.

Artists can also work out of that space between 9:00am and 5:00pm. ARTlab residents and passer-bys are invited to stop by, and meet the AiR of the month.

So stay-tuned Compass guests, Boston visitors, and city residents alike! ARTLab AiR is going to change the way art is shared for the better. Learn more about our Artist in Residency program here!

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