This is Agustin. Right now, he’s working from his studio in Buenos Aires.

Close by, native rain forests and wetlands are being severely affected by years of human detriment. As the environmental damage impacts communities within Buenos Aires, Agustin finds himself wanting to take action.

“I am trying to increase my own consciousness on the impact that I have on nature. I want to learn how to integrate with it rather than destroy it. This is the beginning of my new series, and also a better living.”

This summer, Tekuma is furnishing six floors of Compass Furnished Apartments with one hundred and eighty pieces of artwork. Agustin’s work fills one apartment alone. He also has a piece in one of the floor’s common areas. It’s the one on the right.

Visual storytelling is one of the things Tekuma does best. We love partnering with artists who have stories to tell, and we take pride in being able to tell them.

To see more of Agustin’s work, visit his website or like his Facebook page. To shop his work, browse below!

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