TEKUMA wins the 15K MIT Creative Arts Competition.

Wait ! What ? Really? Did we just win? It took a while for our minds to grasp what was actually happening when it got announced. Within a few seconds, there we were, up on stage holding a big fake check worth $15,000.

For the first time, Tekuma had the spotlight to a packed auditorium of over a thousand people. For all of us the feeling was simply amazing ! We just won the Creative Arts Prize that goes to the most promising arts focused venture at MIT.

This is MIT! Robotics? Artificial intelligence? Data or virtual reality software? NO. Tekuma transforms space with art in the most awesome way possible.

It has been exactly two years since Kun came up to us and said “Hey man this sucks! we need space to show our work.” All these talented architecture students present their project after reviews then boom, it’s all thrown away and forgotten.

Fast forward two years later, here we are on stage! Finally recognized across MIT for all the hard hustle we put through to make Tekuma happen.

Our message is simple, “Art needs Space / Space needs Art”.  This whole concept of no art, bad art, generic space needs to change and we are working hard day and night to make sure we make every space you enter beautiful, authentic and unique.

It was the perfect way to say goodbye to MIT, a place like no other. This was our Disneyland, our playground.

Now it’s time for us to fly and accelerate.

Thanks for those who were there in the audience, and a big shout to Arts at MIT who have been supporting us since the beginning.

Last night was just incredible and will forever be remembered.

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