Natasha Polozenko recently graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where she studied landscape architecture. Today, she works as a digital designer in Boston. “I work to design concepts behind visual experiences like apps and websites – part of my job is thinking about the visual communication of a design or an idea.”

When she’s not designing, Natasha makes art. She’s interested in design across scales and media, and explores novel techniques and modes of representation. Her latest project? Combining digital and analogue techniques to explore the relationship between technology and environment in Seoul, South Korea.

“I’m really interested in the social dynamics within South Korea and how people are using technology to access their built environment. I started to tap into the existing phenomena of smartphones and technology in order to open up new physical experiences.” 

The series illustrates how the existing fabric of Seoul has been transformed by technology. Each piece is site specific, as Natasha references popular culture, architecture, and landscape, among other characteristics. “There’s a few images that have a lot of pink and blue. Those colors are taken from the Korean flag, for example.” 

Natasha has always been artistic, but has only recently delved into the digital art world. “My work has become increasingly digital. I’m exploring new ways of creating.” One of her newest techniques includes digital collage. “I take photographs, stitch them together, and then create overlays on top of those.” The results are pretty stunning.

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