Summer 2k16, Here We Come!

Meet the Tekuma dream team. We all met for the first time this morning at our summer office location in Cambridge – bright, spacious, colorful, and all ours. Together, we make eleven.

This summer, we’re going to combine our talents in branding, content and web development, design, curation, photography, writing, and e-commerce to rocket launch our platform and, simultaneously, bring Tekuma to its full potential. 

While Naomi, Kun, Stephen, and Marwan worked at the office, Jia, Kwaku, and Clio went on a curating mission. Their task was to bring art to space – what Tekuma does best. Together, they hand-selected prints based on the layout of the space. Color, size, and subject were all carefully considered and discussed.

After furnishing the space with ten artworks by five different artists, the team returned to the office – in one afternoon, they had worked as interior designers, framers and curators, all within one platform. Tekuma, you guys! It’s the next best thing!

Stay tuned for a slew of exciting new developments by yours truly – Tekuma dream team summer 2k16!

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