Nicole is an architect, designer, illustrator, conceptual artist, and Boston Architectural College graduate. Her latest series aims to raise awareness about climate change. “We’re destroying not only our environment, but other animals, too.”

She started the series in April, when she began to see an increasing amount of melting glaciers in the news. “I decided to create a collection with four different animals. One of the illustrations features a penguin on a melting glacier.” Each illustration combines hand drawn sketches with digital illustrative techniques. The result? Poignant, breath taking imagery.

Nicole has always considered herself an artist, but never planned to pursue illustration as a career. After graduating from architecture school, however, her plan changed. “I had always seen art as my passion, but never something that I could pursue as a professional. Now I’m realizing that architecture doesn’t fulfill me.”

Her next steps? To push herself as an artist and see where it takes her. “If you believe in something, you can do it. I need to follow my passion and then go from there. I think everyone should do that.”

To see more of Nicole’s work, visit her Tekuma profile! Or shop the collection below.

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