ArtLifting: Making Sustainable Change

ArtLifting, a Boston based startup co-founded by Liz and Spencer Powers, has been working to create societal change through art since 2013. How? By bringing amazing, otherwise undiscovered art by homeless, previously homeless, and disabled artists to the competitive art market.

Natalie Lemle, Director of Corporate Partnerships, joined ArtLifting seven months ago. Originally from Chicago, she graduated from Tufts University with a BA in art history and classics.

“Something I love about ArtLifting is that we’re tackling a societal problem in a creative way,” she says. The company offers artists the chance to secure their own income through the sale of original paintings, prints, and products. By showcasing and selling their artwork, ArtLifting artists gain confidence, empowerment, and validation.

As well as supporting the artists, ArtLifting has found a way to make sustainable change. “If these artists are doing something they love, they’re going to stick with it. We’re encouraging the production of art,” says Natalie.

Tekuma has filled an entire apartment with prints by ArtLifting artists. The exhibit is a part of ArtLab, a collaboration with Compass Furnished Apartments, and showcases one hundred and eighty prints by a range of artists over six floors. Stay tuned for ArtLab’s summer launch!

To learn more about ArtLifting, check out their website.

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