Yoofi Dabban loves photography – it’s one of his passions. Based in Ghana, he recently joined Tekuma’s artist platform. “I’m studying psychology in school but photography is a passion of mine. It started out as just hobby but has grown into something more.”

At first, Yoofi would simply take pictures. “I used to take pictures and just leave them – but I got bored. To make my photos even more unique, I started to look into photoshopping and graphic design. Now I take pictures and get creative with them.” Often, his work merges portraiture with digital illustration.

But Yoofi wasn’t always artistic by nature. “I can’t really draw. In school, even drawing a straight line was hard for me. Once I was given a camera, I realized that I didn’t have to know how to draw in order to get into art.”

And now? He draws inspiration from almost anything. Whether a car, plant, or dog, he takes advantage of any excuse to snap a shot. One of his favorite things to capture, however, are people.

“I like capturing people in motion. But I also like taking portraits because I find that I can tell what people are feeling if I get a really good shot of their eyes. I’ll get a hint of what they’re trying to hide behind their eyes.”

You can find more of Yoofi’s work here, or shop his collection below!

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