George has always been fascinated by exploring and experiencing new environments. After completing his Masters of Architecture at MIT, he moved to the west coast, where he continued his architectural work. Simultaneously, however, he pursued photography.

“I’m interested in telling stories. I consider myself a visual story teller. I like telling stories for things that have no voice – that are either natural or man built.”

His photos often feature beautifully rendered, architecturally detailed structures. The images feel complex and serene all at once – although the color palette, subject matter, and compositions vary, Goerge’s work consistently displays a larger than life quality.

In addition to his photography work, George makes time lapse videos.

“The training I received from architecture school helped my work because it gave me a keen eye. You end up developing a level of patience in architecture, which is why I’m fairly interested in the notion of time lapse – it allows me to think about how things play out over a couple of hours or days.”

One time, George filmed the Manhattan Bridge and discovered something pretty amazing.

“Throughout the time lapsed video, you can actually see the bridge pulse from the movement of the moving trains.”

To see more of George’s work, visit his Tekuma profile or view his time lapse videos. To shop his collection, browse below!

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