Hilal Özkeçeci is an illustrator, musician, and writer, to name a few. Based in Istanbul, she currently studies psychology at Boğaziçi University.

I’m interested in all forms of art. I think they all talk to each other to form some sort of bigger whole. Painting or music, for example, cannot exist singularly because art is like a general language in all forms.

Her illustrative work, which combines abstract visuals with more representational imagery, draws inspiration from her interests in fantasy, poetry, and the world of daydreaming.

I like to dream about things, so I daydream a lot. I just go out of reality into some other place.

Often ambiguous, the subjects within Hilal’s bright, imaginative illustrations visually portray a sort of stream of consciousness. As a result, viewers tend to read each piece a little differently.

My work is often a bundle of emotions mixed together to create something bigger. I just draw, and faces and legs and objects appear. Sometimes I intentionally draw them, and other times I don’t. Each viewer sees something different – once, someone said they saw a fearful oracle. It just depends on each viewer’s experience and interpretation. 

Moving forward, Hilal hopes to show her work in a variety of spaces, including apartments, cafés, and business offices. By doing so, she hopes to help make space more beautiful. To see more of her work, check out her online portfolio or follow her on Instagram @hilalozkececi!

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