Born in Montreal, Fafa Khan loves to do all things artistic. As well as paint, she dances, models, DJs, designs, and produces – which leaves time for little else. “I spend every single day on my work. If it’s not music, it’s painting – if it’s not painting, it’s graphic design – if it’s not graphic design, it’s promoting, marketing, and just getting stuff done.”

So how does she juggle all of her passions? “All of my jobs are really fun. When I have free time, I usually just chill – and Netflix! It’s a lot of coordination, but it’s worth it.” 

Fafa has always known she wanted to work in the arts. “When my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said an artist… (and a cat). Drawing and dancing were both huge things for me.”

As well as working in both the music and art worlds, Fafa has also taught dance. “I taught dance for four to five years. It was amazing.”

To see more of Fafa’s work, visit her website or shop her collection below!

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