Meet Lulu

“Architecture is a three-dimensional visual art – architects use 3D software to visualize space, structure, construction, and material properties. Painting, on the other hand, is a two-dimensional method for reproducing three-dimensional memories. From the perspective of an architect, I want to bring up the topic of metamorphosis – a discussion on how modern technology and new methods of digital construction and fabrication affect traditional painting, both visually and theoretically. The works attempt to provoke in the viewer a renewed understanding of contemporary society – how what is old and what is new could co-exist together, and how they can each reinforce and strengthen the other.”

In 2010, Lulu received her Bachelor of Architecture from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Previously, she worked in the architecture offices of URBANUS and DnA_DesignandArchitecture. In 2014, Lulu completed her Master of Science Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University GSAPP.

Lulu wants to discuss metamorphosis, modern technology and new methods of digital construction, both visually and theoretically. Her work attempts to provoke a renewed understanding of contemporary society. She is currently studying Computer Graphics at Pratt Institute.

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