Meet Kwaku

Kwaku ‘REEZ’ Opoku is majoring in Integrated Design at Parsons The New School For Design. He has experience in varying forms of art, including design, illustration, and music. Often, he creates a series in order to tell a story. Art serves as Kwaku’s platform for relaying thoughts and ideas.

“I think of my artwork as a puzzle. Why? Mainly because of how I work – usually in a series, which often shows stages to create a story. To achieve this coherence, I work with similar colors and in a similar style. My portraits rise from the context of my personal experiences and inspirations to more global issues. Art remains a major contender of we how we share our thoughts and ideas, and it remains my platform for relaying certain personal issues. I feel there is no better way than illustrating what you want to talk about, because to me just talking about it doesn’t ‘paint’ the same picture as a work of art.”

See more of his work.

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