Tekuma Exhibits

Tekuma makes all possible efforts to bring exposure of computer generated art works, crossing the boundary of the physical and the digital world. Tekuma’s goal is to help boost your work through a series of physical gallery explorations where we can help build every work’s value. In our eyes, an ephemeral existence of a small showcase generates energy from the works displayed, and this energy will be harnessed in the future as they build in value over time.

Over the past 6 months we have accomplished 4 exhibits at our launch campus MIT, one at the Infinite Corridor, two at the MIT Media Lab and one at the Sloan School of Management. The response was positive and the interaction between the public and creators was fascinating along with the curiosity which allows us to help tell the designer’s story and reasoning behind every project. Our goal is to push these exhibits even further and activate future spaces in need of art. This is only the beginning and we hope to bring exposure to every young emerging artist.

Nov 3rd, 2014, MIT Memorial Lobby
Nov 7th, 2014, MIT Media Lab
Nov 22nd, 2014, MIT Sloan Building
Mar 14th, 2015, MIT Media Lab

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