Welcome to our nano gallery! MorphLab and Tekuma partnered to bring you an art experience like no other. Just like MorphLab, Tekuma wants to activate your living space. How? By turning bare walls into a gallery for local artists. Bring home a unique piece by artist in residence Kwaku Opoku, and Decue Wu.

About the artists

Kwaku Opoku

Kwaku ‘REEZ’ Opoku is majoring in Integrated Design at Parsons The New School For Design. He has experience in varying forms of art, including design, illustration, and music. Often, he creates a series in order to tell a story. Art serves as Kwaku’s platform for relaying thoughts and ideas.

Decue Wu

Among other visual arts, DQ works in fashion, graphic design, and illustration. Her work has been featured in several blogs and publications including Airbnb, Vogue, Draw A Dot, and Fashionary Hand and has been exhibited around the world.