Mo’s Airbnb Gallery

Welcome to our micro gallery! Mo shared her walls with emerging artists. As a traveller, you might be searching for an experience to better connect with local culture and talent during your visit. Feel free to browse through these collections by Decue Wu, Fafa Khan and Jun Cen.

About the artist

Decue Wu

I am originally from Shenzhen, China. After I graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art’s Illustration Practice MFA program in 2014, I moved to Boston and started my new venture – working at Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Lead Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Motion Graphic Artist and Production Designer. Besides my full time job, I focus on fashion and lifestyle illustration, editorial, collage, pattern, picture book and other visual arts. My work has been featured in several blogs and publications, including Fashionary Hand, Draw A Dot, Dolce&Gabbana Luxury Online Magazine, Milk X, L’Officiel Hommes, Vogue etc; also my work has been exhibited in United States, China, Poland and other countries. I constantly explores new techniques and different media in order to develop new ways to observe and enhance my creative process.

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Fafa Khan

I am born in Montreal but hailing from Pakistani, Japanese and Finnish decent. I love to do everything artistic, I used to teach dance which lead to Music, DJing that has always helped me create new artworks and graphic design. I never like to name any of my artworks because each person sees something different in every abstract piece. Whatever each indivisual sees is what that artwork is, only look at the title if you need inspiration.


Jun Cen

Jun Cen is an award-winning illustrator who is currently based in New York. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, Highline Hufflington Post, to only name a few. Jun playfully blends ordinary sights with mythical imagery. The Happy Prince is a short story for children by Oscar Wilde first published in 1888. The Happy Prince is a statue with a kind heart and sympathy. With the help of a swallow who was left behind from his flock, he sends all the valuable parts from his body to poor people who are suffering.