MIT Sloan Gallery

Welcome to MIT Sloan student life gallery! This beautiful office space is now featured with 6 different artist’s works. Feel free to browse through these collections by Alessandro Babini, Fafa Khan, Tengjia Liu, Sayjel Patel, Martin Elliott and Jun Cen.

About the artist

Fafa Khan

Born in Montreal but hailing from Pakistani, Fafa is of Japanese and Finnish decent. She loves to do all things artistic, as well as dance and DJ. Her musical work inspires her to create new artworks and graphic designs.

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About the artist

Martin Elliott

Currently earning his Masters of Architecture at MIT, Martin makes work at the intersection of culture and media consumption. His work with community organizers, activists and artists has further sparked his interest in design.

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Sayjel Patel

Sayjel is a Teaching Fellow at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. His work explores 3D Sampling, a new field of design inquiry and research.

Jun Cen

Currently based in New York, Jun is an illustrator and animator. Jun’s work has appeared in multiple publications, including The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, and The Highline Huffington Post. Jun playfully blends ordinary sights with mythical imagery.

Tengjia Liu

Alongside his architectural studies at MIT, Tengjia researched traditional Chinese drawing techniques. Today, his work graphically represents the discourse between contemporary art and architecture.

Alessandro Babini

Born in Paris, Alessandro travelled the world at a young age. After living and studying in Paris and London, he worked to help entrepreneurs build successful companies. When he realized he was sitting on the wrong side of the table, Alessandro moved to Boston, where he graduated from MIT Sloan. He’s now CEO of Humon, a company building the next generation of sports wearables to enhance human performance.