Welcome to our gallery! The team at Metis shared their walls with emerging artists. Feel free to browse through these collections by Benito, Briana & Jason, Scott & Kevin, Sayjel and Zengzheng.

About the artists

Benito Babini

”After my MBA, I started my business life in investment banking, far away from the world of art… But the need to express myself through painting came back during my sleepless nights due to the jet-lag as I often do travel the world for my job.”

Briana & Jason

Husband & wife duo, Briana & Jason founded Brainstorm, a creative illustration studio based in Dover, New Hampshire. Heavily focused on screenprinting as their medium, they produce fine art prints inspired by science, nature and the outdoors. Their vibrant screen prints can be found in shops around the globe!

Scott & Kevin

“Sproutjam is a design shop founded by artists Scott Zakrajsek and Kevin Biondi, based in the heart of Boston, MA. We are inspired by local culture and hometown pride.  Our prints celebrate those little things that make your city unique through vibrant colors and minimal design.”

Sayjel Patel

”Point-cloud painting” represents test-bed for computational design techniques for filtering, mixing, and mashing-up the millions of data points drawn from 2D point-cloud samples. The images were created using processing – a visual programming language for designers and artists, developed by the MIT Media lab.’’

Zengzheng Wang

Zengzheng Wang is a freelance photojournalist from Boston. She enjoys shooting a variety of different subjects, including the areas rich cityscapes to the city’s historic landmarks. Her work aims to capture Boston’s ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural diversity.