Welcome to our nano gallery! Edward shared his walls with emerging artists. As a traveller, you might be searching for an experience to better connect with local culture and talent during your visit. Feel free to browse through these collections by Ling-Li Tseng, Catherine Sodërberg and Marwan Abou Dib.

About the artists

Marwan Abou Dib

Marwan is a young entrepreneur addicted to travelling, and carries his wide lens everywhere he goes.

Ling-Li Tseng

Ling-Li Tseng is an architect and artist who playfully explores the process of making. In recent years, she has been seeking out opportunities to transform the negative or ambiguous into something ludic in space, material, and even people’s mental cognition.

Catherine Sodërberg

Cath is interested in investigating the possibilities of using machining technologies such as laser cutting, casting, vacuum forming and 3D Printing in the process of fabricating unique pieces of jewelry, fashion and art.