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Born in Paris to a French mother and an English educated, Italo-Lebanese father, Alessandro was immersed in an international environment from a young age. He studied mathematics in London and Paris, before working as a venture capital investor helping entrepreneurs build successful companies.

Soon, however, he realized that he was sitting on the wrong side of the table. That’s when he decided to move to Boston, where he eventually graduated from MIT Sloan.

“I’d always wanted to start a company. When I was young, I would try to build stuff, sell stuff, make stuff happen. I always wanted to have an impact – to do what I believed in and make a living out of it.”

He is now the CEO of Humon, a company he co-founded, building the next generation of sports wearables to enhance human performance.

“I believe that technology and biology can intersect to create something amazing – something that will empower people with the body information they need to be their better selves.”

Art print by Alessandro Babini

Growing up, Alessandro loved to draw. Among other things, he liked to design buildings and draw with perspective. Later, his studies became increasingly mathematically oriented and rationality began to influence his illustrative work. 

So where does art fit into all of this? For a while, Alessandro considered the two worlds unrelated. “I used to see my startup and my artwork as two separate things. But, because we’re a tech start up, I’m really the only one on the team that doesn’t have an engineering background. As a result, I’ve had to take over most of the creative and design work, merging these two worlds for the first time.”

Art print by Alessandro Babini

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