Here is a glimpse at how we install artworks!

Part of what we do is provide to our customer guidelines on how they should be placing their art. We help them correct existing mistakes, and set up the general rules for future installation. Placing the right art in the right space is something we take pride in. For our artists to truly shine, we also have to make sure the artworks will be viewed at their best.

We documented some of our process and listed the tools we use. Hanging art is not difficult! There are a few basic principles to respect. It is also easier to do if you work in a team!

What you need



Hanging artworks is not a perfect science. The goal is to make sure the artworks can be appreciated at its fullest by the viewers. Make sure the centre of the artwork is placed at eye level (58”), and if not, that they tie in with the furniture as a focus point. How do you like to hang your art?

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