Another Nature

Design Photography
Jiasi Tan

I’m convinced that interactions with nature are important to people and planet. I agree with research that shows that connections to nature are vital for spiritual, physical, and mental well-being. I also agree with research that indicates 21st century humans are more disconnected from understanding the natural world than ever before. Earth would benefit if all humans understood natural systems and our dependence on them.

My commitment to learning how to better observe, interpret, and share information about the natural sciences associated with dynamic earth is heart-felt. Inspiration comes from eagerness to nurture a sense of wonder about the natural world. I’d like to be an advocate who supports others in defining their own connections with nature, understanding why those connections are important, and … in the process, becoming nature literate. Seems to me there is an increasing urgency for nature literacy and the guiding principles it holds for the stewardship of a sustainable and healthy planet.

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