As our startup continues to build the world’s largest gallery network by activating space with art, our team grows exponentially. Since our launch in 2015, we’ve expanded in size as well as reach, sourcing amazing art from both international artists and established art organizations. We are proud to share our latest collaboration with Curioos, which represents thousands of exclusive prints by some of the world’s finest digital artists.

With a database of over 15K artworks, Curioos is among the largest art distribution companies in today’s market. Their platform is simple: any artist with access to a computer can upload their work to the company database, immediately made accessible to consumers across the globe. Once purchased, Curioos will print and ship the prints, and the artists get a cut of the profit. Sound familiar?

By investing in emerging artists, Curioos and Tekuma share a common goal: to bring real, authentic art to people all over the world and, in doing so, support amazing artists.

Our latest collaboration with Curioos involved the curation of 10 Airbnbs at ARTlab DX, one of Boston’s largest living galleries. As part of our partnership with Compass Furnished Apartments, the ARTLab project brings novel art experiences to residents and guests across Boston. With an extensive community of amazing artists, Curioos provided an incredible addition to our gallery network.

Want art for your walls? We’re on our way to being the world’s largest curation platform. Together, Tekuma and Curioos will transform the way people purchase art for their walls. To browse our growing collection, visit our shop or meet our artists!
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