Meet Ruben Segovia, architect, designer, and photographer. Originally from Mexico, he has collaborated with several design firms, including Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Landa Arquitectos. In 2010, Ruben founded Estudio Mantra, a workshop that solves societal problems using architectural design tools.

Currently, he studies architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. But that wasn’t the original plan. “First, I studied medicine. I’ve always been very curious about how the body works. I learned a lot about the different systems and how everything is interconnected – I think my medical background really helped me to understand architecture.”

As a kid, Ruben loved to draw. “I used to sell my drawings to my classmates when I was little, taken from popular cartoons.”

Now, he uses art to further his architectural designs. His medium of choice? Photography. “For me, they are related. I use photography to think about design in architecture, and vice versa. It goes both ways.” Recently, Ruben has been studying the vanishing point as both a void and a reference. 

In addition to his photographic works, Ruben creates collages. “My collages are defragmentations of cities, separated by layers of different physical aspects and intangible concepts.”

To see more of Ruben’s work, visit his Instagram @ruben_segovia. Or shop his collection below!

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