Meet Emanuel, multi-talented mixed media artist. Originally from Abilene, Texas, he currently lives in Indiana. “I just quit my job. At this point, I want to focus on art. I can’t deal with a forty hour work schedule.”

Although he rejects the nine-to-five, Emanuel works long, dedicated hours – far beyond forty hours a week. As we talked on the phone, he sculpted a paper mache deer. “I’ve been sculpting this deer for the last three or four weeks – I intend on making it into something really nice, so I’ve been paying a lot of attention to detail.” 

As well as painting, sculpting, and photographing, Emanuel helps working artists market their work. “I spend a lot of time collecting and curating artists who don’t know how to market themselves.”

Vladimir Karabegov is one of those artists. Currently living in Abilene, Vladimir creates multi media portraits from memory. “He’s got this amazing ability to capture the essence of a person a day, week, or year later – in paint, ink, or both, often with no visual reference.” 

As a working artist, Emanuel has a knack for marketing. But, to him, it’s not about the money. “My passion is creating things, and marketing is part of that. I want to see what I can do with Vladimir’s art. His works are authentic, and I just feel they deserve a larger audience.”

To see more of Emanuel’s work, as well as some of Vladimir’s portraits, visit his Instagram account, PoblanoTaco.

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