Tekuma Artist_Scott Oppenheim

Scott Oppenheim is an artist and designer with a passion for generative arts. Inspired by coding techniques, his rendered work combines randomized algorithms with various digital mediums. He currently works as an art director at Grafik, a branding and web development agency based out of Alexandria, Virginia.

I had the opportunity to go to a few conferences as part of work, where I saw other artists making generative art and sharing their code. So I decided to try it on my own!

Tekuma Artist_Scott Oppenheim

Exactly what is generative arts, you might ask? Although Scott’s work is visual, the term refers to any art practice that uses a computer program, a machine, or an engineered procedure to create a work of art. Scott uses generated algorithms.

It’s almost like particle physics – generative art allows you to do so many different things. I generate algorithms that can produce an infinite amount of compositions. 

Tekuma Artist_Scott Oppenheim
Tekuma Artist_Scott Oppenheim

But Scott’s generated algorithms and written codes aren’t completely left to fate. Having studied classical drawing and color theory throughout high school and college, he often digitally or manually revises a piece of work multiple times before he’s happy with an image.

Depending on what kind of code you’re writing, you can get visually structured outcomes. I try to incorporate grid systems into the images so that the compositions aren’t completely random. The works are abstract but geometric, which brings a sort of order to each image.

To see more of Scott’s amazing work, check out his website or Curioos shop! You can also book your stay at ARTLab Back Bay, where his work fills an entire apartment!

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