Decue Wu is an illustrator, designer, imaginer, and dreamer. Originally from Shenzhen, China, she graduated from Maryland Institute College of Arts with a masters in Illustration Practice. In 2014, she moved to Boston and began working for MIT as a Graphic Artist and Production Designer.

Tekuma Artist Decue Wu

With Tekuma, DQ has been featured in a number of apartment and office spaces. Her colorful, imaginative work employs a wide range of illustrative techniques and features fashion and lifestyle themes. Alongside her illustrative work, DQ works editorially, and has been featured in several blogs and publications including Airbnb, Vogue, Draw A Dot, and Fashionary Hand. Additionally, she has been exhibited world wide.

Below is one of her illustrative works, “A Girl Under the Umbrella.”

Tekuma Artist Decue Wu

To see more of DQ’s work, check out her Tekuma gallery.

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