Martin Sloan, featured here, graduated with a BA in Fine Art in 1999. Currently based in North Yorkshire, England, his work has been exhibited on a variety of occasions. He aims to portray a history of mark making, gesture and color relationships.

I see that you primarily work with paint – what draws you to that medium? 
I am interested in the physical qualities of paint. It’s a very raw and primitive material – that’s why I like it.
Have you always known you wanted to be an artist?
Yes – from an early age, I have drawn regularly. I observe the world around me all the time and I think, subconsciously, that’s why I feel a need to paint.
I understand you’ve been involved in the military – how has that involvement informed your work?
I grew up in the military and come from a long line of soldiers. I think it plays a large part in my work. The lack of belonging to anywhere in particular and the somewhat transient feeling inform the motifs that manifest themselves.
I know that you’re interested in place and landscape – can you elaborate on these interests?
It’s the world around me that interests me. It might be a view, a section, a historical reference or a sensation.
How do you see your art evolving?
I enjoy making work these days – I have reached a point in my own practice, where making the work is more important than anything else. I am less afraid of taking risks with my work.

To see more of Martin’s work, visit his Facebook page, Sloan Art.

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