Ligang Luo, Brooklyn-based illustrator and story-teller, recently obtained his MFA in Illustration from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Originally from China, Ligang studied sculpture, installation art, and woodcutting throughout his undergrad. “I’ve lived here for almost three years now. I love Brooklyn. The arts environment is pretty wonderful here.”

Before he studied art, Ligang wrote short stories and poems. “I really like telling stories. When I work, I always have a story in mind. Some of my illustrations are wordless, but they still have a story behind them.”

Ligang’s artistic endeavors didn’t begin at college, though. “I’ve always loved making images. My dad says I made my first drawing when I was one. I loved to draw with charcoal, on the floor or blackboard.”

In addition to constructing narratives, Ligang often works intuitively. “Working intuitively reflects my personality. That’s how I see the world – how we are right now.” The image pictured below, part of an original e-book entitled Teddy, the Sailor; Annie, the Lover, is one of a series of images made at a fast pace. “For each image shown on my website, there are actually a lot of different versions – all done very fast. I don’t like images to be too detailed or specific.”

Moving forward, Ligang plans to continue his illustrative work. “I would love to publish my stories – in book or digital form. If I had a chance, though, I’d also love to try film. I love living in New York City because there are so many cinemas here.”

To see more of Ligang’s work, visit his website.

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