“My work is primarily inspired by the deep sense of interconnectedness I feel with all life. This feeling moves me to explore and experiment with wide-ranging themes and mediums, in ways that echo the intimacy I feel with all that is…

I did not grow up always feeling this way though. I had been conditioned to believe I was a separate being from all else, as though I was in a never-ending competition with others. Having come to this felt realization of oneness, I make art that critiques who I once was and what I once believed. This critique of my own life through art, is often cloaked in the psychedelic and abstract twists I employ within my work. I do this to engender a sense of wonder in the viewer’s mind in order for them to question their own reality and subsequently challenge certain conventional perspectives.

Tekuma Artist Isaac Opoku

Though my subject matter tends to explore various relevant social themes such as politics, oppression, race and gender, it is also usually evocative of art as a form of experimentation, art as a form of meditation and art simply as being.”

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